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LTTR/SHOP is an e-commerce solution for type foundries that want to grow their own customer base.

Install it on your own website without coding. Handle taxes and invoices without hassle.

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Trusted by type foundries

ČarnokyType — Samuel Čarnoky
Dizajn Design — Type Foundry by Jano Filípek
Setup — Type Foundry by Onrej Jób

Sell fonts on any website without coding

Whether you run your website on WordPress, Squarespace or just a simple HTML, it doesn’t matter at all!

Our e-commerce solution is independent of CMS, so that you can run it literally anywhere!

HTML CSS — sell fonts on your own websiteCARGO — sell fonts on Cargo webuilder with LTTR/SHOP
Squarespace — sell fonts on Squarespace with LTTR/SHOP
Semplice — sell fonts on Wordpress. Build website with Semplice web builder.Webflow — sell fonts on Webflow with LTTR/SHOP
Or any other...

1. Set account

Create a seller account, link it with a payment provider, and set the licence pricing that fits the value.

2. Upload fonts

Upload font files and set the style structure, packages and bundles as you want. There are no limits.

3. Start selling

It's so simple! Just, paste the URL on your website and that’s it. It's live, ready for your customers.

Let your customers configure font licence that fits their requirements

We have optimised the user experience of the licence configurator, so you don’t have to. Just put it on your website without coding and let it work for you. Your customers will love it!

Get paid worldwide without taxes headache

We have solved handling invoices and connected with a payment provider that handles VAT taxes for you. This makes your life as a seller easy and your accountant workload low.

Become your own master

Just a few reasons to consider:

  • Get rid of font market loyalties
  • Build your own customer base
  • Advertise your own brand
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