1. Sign in to the FastSpring's management portal.

  1. Navigate to Storefronts and Popup storefronts.

  1. Locate the Popup storefront created in a previous step and click on the No whitelisted websites ( RED BOX ) badge. If you have whitelisted a website before, look for a {number} whitelisted websites badge.

  1. In the popup shown, write your checkout domains, both the testing and the production domains, into the field, including the   https:// .

    ‍For example, if your production domain is shop.example.com and your testing domain is shop.test.example.com, write the following two lines into the field:


  1. Click Save

  1. Ensure that the badge text reflects the number of domains you entered in the field.

Next step:  Link the LTTR/SHOP with FastSpring

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