Send a message to FastSpring support with a request to:

  1. Enable the Net Price mode
  1. Enable the Virtual Product Portfolio feature on your storefront. Explain that your e-commerce solution will supply the list of products and their net prices.
  1. Set the store’s default tax code to DC020502 (See additional notes below, check with your tax advisor)
  1. Change your Base currency from default USD (OPTIONAL, see additional notes below)

📌 You can use this template when requesting an initial FastSpring setup:  

            SUBJECT:   FastSpring initial setup for LTTR/SHOP

Dear FastSpring Support,

please help me with the following settings:

  • Change the store pricing mode to Net Price Mode
  • Set the Virtual Product Portfolio feature on my storefront. My LTTR/SHOP e-commerce solution will supply the list of products (~ font licenses) and their net prices.
  • Change the store's default tax code to DC020502.
  • Set my Base currency to EUR. (OPTIONAL)

Many thanks for considering my request!




This is not our advice. Please, double-check with your tax advisor.

Additional notes about the base currency

FastSpring converts all your sales to a single currency which they call as base currency. Usually, you would prefer to select such currency in which you either have most sales, or prefer to receive payouts from FastSpring, so the cost of currency conversions are minimized.

Next step:  Enable currencies (OPTIONAL)

For more informations contact us.